Louise & Mike’s Engagement Shoot

July 12, 2017
I had a wondeful time with Louise & Mike. The weather was wonderful which was a added bonus considering it had been raining for most of the week. We spent a hour having a chat and making sure they were relaxed infront of the camera. It was a great honour to be asked to take there wedding

My favourite engagement photo from 2016

April 21, 2017
From the engagement shoot for Gemma & Olli. I met up with Gemma & Ollie near crediton, from there we went on a walk into the countryside surrounding it. About half way into the walk, we were coming to the crest of the hill and I saw the gate in silhouette. I walked over to them and said

Emily & David @ Dartmouth Golf Club

March 21, 2017
I had such a wonderful time at Emily & David’s wedding. The whole day from start to finish was great. The weather was better than it had been before and after. I had met up with them a few times before the wedding which helped me get to know them alot better. This made the day alot more

Bryony & Alex’s Engagement Shoot @ St Leonard’s Church, Exeter.

August 16, 2016
I met up with Bryony & Alex at St Leonard’s Church to have a look round the venue and discuss a shooting plan for the wedding day. After looking round the church, we then walked down to the Quay to finish of the engagement shoot. During the shoot Alex & Bryony mentioned that they

New member of the Family.

August 8, 2016
Hello Everyone, I have some wonderful news. My second son was born a few weeks ago, so as you can guess I have been very busy. I am writing this post to let you know I will reply to any inquiries as soon as I can. And thank you for being patient with me.

Marta & Damian’s Couple Shoot @ Northernhay Gardens, Exeter

July 7, 2016
I had a wondeful time with Marta & Damian @ Northernhay Gardens. When I talk to a couple about the engagement shoot and where would be best. We discuss local places that would give a interesting background to the pictures.  I am very lucky that Exeter has such a great selection of different

Maria & David’s Engagement Shoot @ Cowick Barton, Exeter

June 16, 2016
I had a great time with Maria, David & Family. Really looking forward to their Wedding at the Southgate Hotel in Exeter early next month. It is always wonderful to get such kinds words about your work, “As for the photos we are delighted by the quality of them.” I always like to

Trudi & Andy’s Couple Shoot

May 26, 2016
I had the pleasure to take pictures of Trudi & Andy at their home near Tiverton. I was also able to meet their 2 dogs who where full of energy, which made my job a little more interesting. But once they got to know me, I was able to get some great images of the both of them. We were also able

Bryony & Alex @ St Leonard’s Church Exeter

May 9, 2016
It was great to meet Bryrony & Alex for the first time. Talking through the wedding with them, I can see that it is going to be such a wonderful day with close friends & family.  We walked around the church to create a shooting plan for different shots and talked about ideas for where to
Venue Visit

Emily & David @ Dartmouth Golf & Country Club

May 9, 2016
It was great to meet Emily & David again. I had not visited Dartmouth Golf & Country Club before, but I can see why they have chosen it. Wonderful views in every direction I can’t wait for their wedding

Fiona & Matt @ Abode Hotel Exeter

March 14, 2016
With every couple that I photograph, I meet them a few times before the wedding to discuss the wedding day. As part of this process I discuss now the images are going to be used after I have presented them to the Bride & Groom.  Fiona & Matt asked if I would not publish all of the images

New Website

February 29, 2016
Hi everyone, I have had this website for a few years now, and it was about time for a update. Its taken me long hours of highs and lows but as you can see we are finally here. Thank you for being so patient, and please let me know what you think.
Wedding day

Happy New Year

January 7, 2016
Happy New Year and Congratulations to all the couples that have got engaged over the Christmas period. I am looking forward to all the weddings that I will have the honour of being part of. I have only a few dates available for this year, so please contact me for more details. I would love to be
Photography Training

Photography Training P Mode

February 6, 2015
You generaly find P mode on most cameras (it stands for program mode). If you are unsure of how to use your camera its a great place to start. Think of it as Auto but allowing you to change a small selection of options. For example you can change the ISO and the camera will take control of

Photography Training

January 24, 2015
I now offer Photographic Training in and around the Exeter area. Whatever your level of knowledge I can help you improve your

Rebecca & Scott’s Couple Shoot at Exeter Quay.

September 19, 2014
With the weather being so good and the various locations available Exeter Quay is a great place for a couple shoot. So when suggesting places to go to Rebecca & Scott it was at the top of my list. So after a few calls and emails to confirm a date and time, Sunday afternoon was chosen. We meet
Wedding Fair

Wedding Fair at Deer Park Hotel

September 19, 2014
I had a great time at the wedding fair last night. It was lovely to meet the brides to be with their families, I look forward to hearing from you
Wedding Fair

Late Summer Garden Party at Deer Park Hotel, Honiton

September 7, 2014
I will be attending the wedding fair at the Deer Park Hotel near Honiton on Thursday 18th September 6-8:30pm. This would be a great time to meet you so please come along to discuss your special day. I look forward to meeting

Family Shoot

April 11, 2014
  I felt very honored when, my good friends Madge & Alan asked me to take a selection of portrait shots of their new family. Organizing to go down to their house I made sure that I had everything that I needed. I normally take more than use just to cover the different sizes of rooms that I

Profile Picture

April 2, 2014
On my list of things to do for the website was to take a new profile picture. Sounds easy but when you start to think about it its not that straight forward. Firstly I am in front of the camera which poses the question who is taking the picture, secondly as with alot of the couples I photograph I

Abode Hotel Wedding Fair

March 17, 2014
It was a wonderful day yesterday, and I had a great time at the Abode Hotel Wedding Fair. It was great to see so many Brides to be with their partners, friends and family. I hope to hear from you

Wedding Fair Abode Hotel Exeter

March 12, 2014
I will be exhibiting at the Abode Wedding Fair this Sunday 16th March from 11:00 till 16:00. I look forward to seeing you there, here is a link to the facebook page for the event.

Wedding Fayre at the Rougemont Hotel Exeter.

February 25, 2014
I had a great time at the wedding fayre, it was great to see so many couples organising their special day. Thank you to everyone that visited my stand and spent a bit of your busy day getting to know me. If I was busy when you popped round please contact me for a friendly chat about your wedding

Mounted Print

February 1, 2014
As part of my package I provide a large mounted Framed Picture. I use one of the images from the engagement shoot which has been chosen by the Bride & Groom. This is then framed with a large mount for your quests to sign, this provides you a unique way to remember your special

Laura & Mike’s Photos.

September 15, 2013
I have a spent an enjoyable afternoon double checking the editing on Laura & Mike’s stunning images from their beautiful Wedding in Sherbourne . Finalizing the time and place for a private showing of the package they have chosen. Making sure that everything is perfect for them, I can’t wait
Wedding day

Laura & Mike’s Wedding Day.

August 13, 2013
Just finished a busy weekend taking pictures of Laura and Mike’s special day. It started nice and early making sure I was at the mother of the brides’ house by 9am to capture all those getting ready shots. My good friend Darren, of Exile Design was my second photographer and started his