Becky & Kev’s Wedding Day

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Before the wedding day, I make sure that I know where the venue is and how long it would take me to get there. Becky & Kev’s venue for the ceremony and the evening party were separate so I made sure that I knew both locations before the day. A venue visit before the wedding day helps me prepare the logistics of the day and where I need to be and at what time.

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The night before the wedding I will have everything ready and packed with batteries charged and any additional info I might need. Waking up on the day always feels me with a buzz of excitement and most times I arrive at the venue before the bride. When I arrived at Stoodleigh Court I was the first one there which gave me some time to take pictures of the venue itself. Moving my way through to the reception area making sure to  pick up on every little detail. Becky had made alot of the decorations herself so I made sure they were documented, the centerpieces where again handmade by Becky and they looked amazing.

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At this point Becky arrived with her dad and bridesmaids. Having completed the shots I needed, I helped carry a few large items up to their room.  Once everything had calmed down I went over a few last minute details about the day with Becky. From this point on the day gets very quick and the planning I do before the wedding day is invaluable. I know from the engagement shoot and the  amount of contact between us that Becky is relaxed when I am taking photos of her getting ready. Communication between me and the couple is very important so that nothing is misunderstood.

Before I know it Kev arrives with his best man and ushers. The button holes for all of them had also been hand made. These had been placed in boxes with each persons name on.

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Then I’m back up to see Becky and make sure that I don’t miss anything, with every wedding that I take pictures at I always find it is the little things that make the most impact on me. Its seeing time effort and love people put into the day. Guest where arriving during this so I took general shots while people were waiting.

With Stoodleigh Court the room for the bridal prep is at the top of a set of stairs which gives you a wonderful entrance as the bride and great shots as the photographer. So when the time had come to start I knew exactly where I was going to be to get the picture I wanted. During the ceremony its hard not to get distracted by the emotion in the room, but that makes to pictures even more personal to the couple.

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This is the one moment its all been heading towards, this is for me is the best bit of the day. There is always a range of shots going through my head which I make sure that I have taken. After the first kiss and vows have been done the confetti is always flowing. With Stoodleigh Court we had to keep inside for the confetti which makes it a bit more unique. After this everyone made their way into the main room for the Wedding Breakfast. This is a time for me to capture the guests giving the Bride & Groom all their best wishes.

The speeches are always a highlight of the day and I use a long lens to make sure that I capture everything but without getting in the way. Becky & Kev gave out thank you gifts to friends & family that had helped through out the whole process. The evening celebrations where held at a different location so everyone made their way there. Becky had arranged a surprise for Kev which only a few people knew including myself. During the first dance Darth Vader was to Interrupt and do battle.

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So the end of the night arrived and I packed up my equipment and said goodbyes. It was the end to a 13 hour day and I was ready for bed.I had enjoyed every minute of it and could not wait to start the editing process.

  Wedding day

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