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Photography Training Exeter



 1-2-1 Photography Training

Searching for Photography Training in the Exeter Area then I can help. Having spent 5 years working for Jessops and then another 2 years working at Devon Camera Centre I have a wealth of experience in a wide range of photographic equipment.

If you are interested in improving your photography or need help on your equipment please get in contact. From my experience in the photographic retail industry I can advice you on all manufacturers and types of camera from a compact to a DSLR.

I do 1-2-1 training which starts with a 2 hour session or half days depending on your needs. If you are looking for anything specific then please contact me.

My rates are £25 per hour or a half day (4 hours generally) which starts at £75. (Depending on location travel costs may be applied). For your first session I do a special price of £40 (for 2 hours ).

For up to date offers and special courses keep an eye on my blog page which is added to regularly.


There is a wealth of knowledge that you can learn about photography and how to use your camera. I find the trouble is, there is to much to look through to find the piece you are looking for. Normally before we meet I ask you several questions that give me a better idea of what you would like to learn and improve on.  This then helps me concentrate on the issues you have, so you don’t become overwhelmed.

Depending on what camera you own and the type of photography you want to learn. I will help you get to grips with any problems you are having. The first technical relationship that I discuss with you is Exposure, Shutter SpeedAperture and ISO. If you have a compact or a DSLR it helps you you have a better idea of how your camera works, so you take better images.

 I found that is diagram really helped me to understand this better.

exposure-triangle2 copy

Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO are all linked. To create the correct Exposure you need to find the best combination of all three. The only trouble you have if you change one you then have to change the others to compensate. I will talk you through finding the best combination for the picture your taking. I also provide a small information pack so you have  reference material to write notes on and to refer back to.




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