Fiona & Matt @ Abode Hotel Exeter

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Fiona & Matts Special Day

With every couple that I photograph, I meet them a few times before the wedding to discuss the wedding day. As part of this process I discuss now the images are going to be used after I have presented them to the Bride & Groom.  Fiona & Matt asked if I would not publish all of the images on my website. I was really happy with the pictures of the two of them infront of the cathedral, but I have respected their wishes. Below is a selection of the pictures they are happy for me to show.

Every wedding day is different, with friends and family helping the bride & groom. For Fiona & Matt a good friend make their wedding cake and I’m sure you agree it looks amazing.

Fiona & Matt-35 Fiona & Matt-36 Fiona & Matt-37 Fiona & Matt-38

The favours for the wedding were made by their own fair hands, its little details like this that I make sure to capture. I make sure that I find out as much as possible when we meeting up for a chat.

Fiona & Matt-30

The weather the days before and after the wedding were not the best but on the wedding day itself you could not ask for better. The light was amazing for taking photos, both inside and out.Fiona & Matt-29 Fiona & Matt-18 Fiona & Matt-19 Fiona & Matt-20

Even though it was a busy Sunday afternoon we were still able to find a clear moment outside the cathedral.

Fiona & Matt-21 Fiona & Matt-22 Fiona & Matt-12 Fiona & Matt-13 Fiona & Matt-11 Fiona & Matt Fiona & Matt-3 Fiona & Matt-7 Fiona & Matt-6 Fiona & Matt-4 Fiona & Matt-14 Fiona & Matt-15 Fiona & Matt-25 Fiona & Matt-24 Fiona & Matt-26 Fiona & Matt-41 Fiona & Matt-43

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