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On my list of things to do for the website was to take a new profile picture. Sounds easy but when you start to think about it its not that straight forward. Firstly I am in front of the camera which poses the question who is taking the picture, secondly as with alot of the couples I photograph I am not keen on my picture being taken that’s why I am behind the camera.

Luckily I know a few photographers in the area that can help me. With spending alot of time behind the camera, its a good refresher to be on the other side. This helps remind me of what its like in the spotlight.

I had a idea of what I wanted and a location in my mind. As with everything I do I like to research ideas before hand. And I had seen a portrait of Lucien Clergue  outside his home in Arles, I loved the look and the doorway behind him. This gave me the idea to use  a amazing door near to the cathedral green, when I can I love to use textured backgrounds in my pictures. I feel this adds to the image.

So this is me, hope you like the picture.

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